Meet Krista Guarino: The 9-Year-Old Who Plays with Anacondas

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Krista Guarino is a 9-year-old little girl, but her activities may challenge the guts of any adult. It is about the way she likes to play or rather about what she likes to play with. Little Krista does not like to play with boring inanimate toys. She would rather prefer playing with snakes.

The bravery of the young school-girl is extremely commendable as she presently lives with no fewer than 30 reptiles at home. The reptiles include anacondas as well as a python which is 12 feet long. Krista's home in Michigan may not be suitable for the faint hearted. Some of the reptiles she deals with are twice her size. Even though she has been bitten for a few times by the snakes, she plays with, Krista does not have to worry much as her pet snakes are not venomous at all.

Krista lives with her father Jamie, a reptile specialist, in Warren which is a suburb of Detroit. Jamie was the first person to introduce Krista to snakes and the love has only grown between them. She eats, sleeps and plays with snakes. Some may find it a daunting task even to watch her playing fearlessly with the snakes. She plans to have her own reptile zoo when she grows up. According to her, the snake is often a highly misunderstood creature. She aims to change people's misconception about snakes.

MSN News reported Krista claiming that she had never been afraid of snakes even for a little bit. On the contrary, she is crazy for snakes, she said. It is no wonder that she is so much at ease with snakes as she held a snake for the first time when she was merely two. According to her father, one of the very first words Krista spoke in her childhood was "snakes." He claimed that he had already known long back that snakes would be his daughter's passion.

The team of the daughter and the father searches for rattlesnakes on Sundays.

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