Meet the Future Mother, Meg Ryan to Narrate in 'How I Met Your Dad'

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Known for her romantic and comedic roles in "Sleepless in Seattle" and "When Harry Met Sally," Meg Ryan is set to join the cast for "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff "How I Met Your Dad." The veteran actress was cast as the future mother and will lend her voice for the pilot episode of the spinoff as she tells her kids the story how she'd met their dad.

After the epic finale of HIMYM, Ryan's character will mirror Bob Saget's role in the original CBS series wherein he voiced the future Ted. The "You've Got Mail" star will play the same role for Sally played by Greta Gerwig, the female equivalent of Ted played by Josh Radnor.

Playing the unseen narrator, this will be Ryan's first ever regular primetime TV gig although she played numerous TV guesting in the past. She have a recurring role as Karen Sharpe, a hoarder/collector obsessed with Fiona's Husband Kip Wallice played by Victor Garber in Showtime's "Web Therapy."

The 52-year-old actress rose to fame when she got the leading role opposite Billy Crystal in "When Harry Met Sally." After the hit movie, Ryan played leading roles in various romantic-comedy films which made her one of the most bankable actress for rom-com genra.

Time magazine critic Richard Corliss called "the current soul of romantic comedy" in 1995 because of her hit movies like "City of Angels" with Nicholas Cage and "Addicted to Love" with Matthew Broderick. But it was her memorable role as Sally Albright that earned her first Golden Globe nomination.

Although the new series has not even officially been picked by CBS, producers of the show has been pulling well-known talent from Hollywood. It is interesting to note that the original series literally cast unknown actor like Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders, but this time around they are pulling talents that will HIMYD a new hype.

Playing the lead star Sally, Greta Gerwig is known for her role in "Frances Ha" which she co-wrote and won awards for his role. The most interesting part is she's not only starring for the show but also part of the writing team.

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