Meet Britain’s Smallest Teenager [VIDEO]

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Georgia Rankin is Britain's smallest teenager under 2 feet 8 inches. She is a little shorter than a regular two-year-old kid, the Mirror reported.

Rankin, now 15, suffers from a rare condition called skeletal dysplasia or commonly referred to as dwarfism. It is a medical condition where an individual's body appears generally proportioned but strangely small. Despite her condition, she keeps a positive and optimistic outlook in life. She doesn't let her disability bring her down.

Now that her school prom is fast approaching, she feels the excitement like any other teenager.

"Me and my friends have got a limo, I can't wait," Rankin said. She went on and revealed she found the perfect prom dress that she will wear to the party.

"All my friends are fighting over prom dresses, but nobody will have the same one as me."

Dwarfism is believed to occur in one out of 10,000 births. Rankin may feel a little challenged because of her condition but her good outlook will certainly help her walk through life. No one should feel sorry for her because being short of height does not make her less of a person.

"Whatever my friends can do, I can do basically," she stressed.

"Even though I am in a wheelchair and I am small, I don't see any difference in me."

"Whatever all teenagers do, I can do," she noted.

According to her, people get astonished when they found out about her age. Watch her on the video below.

Video courtesy: YouTube/EuroNewsWW

In October, Washington FC Manager Shaun Reid started a campaign to raise funds for Rankin. He wanted to give Rankin a holiday of a lifetime that she'll talk about for years to come and remember all her life. Reid was able to raise £4,550.00 and the child was reportedly thrilled and excited for the life-changing experience. She couldn't be so thankful enough for those persons who have contributed and made her dream come true.

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