Meet Brazil's 22-year-old Hottest Security Guard With Huge Girl Fan Following: Could Modeling Be Next Career For Him?

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Meet Guilherme Leão, 22, a Brazilian security guard who has been voted online as the hottest guy in his profession. Leao works as a security guard in São Paulo, Brazil where he has lot of fans who come to him with a request of getting a picture with him. He looks very attractive with his Hollywood actor like looks and a body that can give complex to Zac Effron or Hugh Jackman.

Dressed in his black/olive green uniform most of the time, he became a celebrity of sorts when he was voted in an online poll as the hottest guard in Brazil. But his good looks are becoming a hindrance for him to finish his daily work. Guilherme often gets stopped by many female fans while doing his daily rounds and they only have one request for him - to get a picture with him. The Brazilian doesn't shy away from posing and quite camera-friendly.

When he is off duty, the sexy hunk is seen posing for pictures or selfies on his Instagram account. It doesn't come as a surprise that the guy with drop dead gorgeous looks has more than ten thousand followers on Instagram where he has only posted 36 pictures. Some of the pictures are clicked by Guilherme's camera phone where he has experimented with his looks sometimes by wearing spectacles and sometimes by taking off his shirt completely to show off his well chiseled upper body.

One picture that is worth the mention is where he is seen with his back towards his camera and on duty wearing his uniform. Hoards of young girls (at least five to six) are seen approaching him with their cameras and clicking his picture. Take a look at the picture below.

E! Online is going crazy over this hot Brazilian guy who has such a huge fan base following that it would not come as a surprise if he is soon seen doing some modeling assignments. According to a Brazillian Web site, the 6-feet tall with green eyes has also worked a model briefly in China. 

"He's got a face that'll make you want to slap your grandma. Hot. Damn. It's fitting that he's a security guard because he's got "fine" written all over him. We want to be on him," the Web site wrote.

Take a look at few of his drool-worthy pictures here on his Instagram account and get ready to be bowled over.

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