Media Coverage on Michael Schumacher’s Coma Condition Stopped, Manager Sabine Kehm Refuses to Give More Information

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Neither Michael Schumacher's family nor manager Sabine Kehm has provided update on the latest health condition of the former Formula One racing legend. Why is there no new update, since Kehm revealed Schumacher was showing signs of awakening and consciousness? As such, the lack of update from Schumacher's camp has made some people make stories up about his death.

Kehm primarily said they will continue to give the media constant updates on Schumacher's condition until the day comes that the seven-time world champion leaves the hospital. Even though Kehm is a little cynical about how other media outlets, journalists and medical experts comment on Schumacher's 4-month-long coma, she previously said they will continue to provide updates.

"Our plan and our desire would be that from the moment in which Michael can go into a rehab clinic, this media coverage will stop," Kehm told ARD Television, as reported by According to the Web site, Schumacher's family was often "criticised" because they do not provide enough information on his condition. However, Kehm was quick to defend Schumacher's family and said that the 45-year-old German racer would have wanted it that way.

"Michael Schumacher is in a coma and cannot decide what is reported about him," Kehm said. "We, of course, We, of course, know how he deals with such things and try in his interest to handle these matters for him," she added.

Update on Schumacher's Coma Stopped

It was around the middle of April when Schumacher's manager Kehm last revealed information about the current condition of the F1 race car driver. She refuted claims that Schumacher has awoken from coma and recognised his wife. Now, Kehm has refrained from revealing information. German news site said via translation Kehm has stopped giving away updates since then.

"The flow of information on the health of Michael Schumacher is, from a not yet defined time, ceased completely," wrote the German Web site. "Manager Sabine Kehm do not want to give more information up to date on the status, 15 weeks after the F1 world champion's skiing crash."

Schumacher's skiing crash happened on Dec 29, 2013. He suffered a serious brain injury after his head hit a rock. As of today, Schumacher remains in a medically induced coma condition, in a "critical but stable condition" at Grenoble University Hospital.


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