‘Mean Girls’ the Reunion: When is Part 2 Set for Release?

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African born high schooler Cady Heron from the "Mean Girls" is making a comeback-according to TMZ, the 2004 high school chick flick that grossed a total of 129 million dollars is going to have a reunion. Lindsay Lohan, the star who portrayed troubled Cady Heron, dished out some details on the possible reunion on NBC's "The Tonight Show" hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

"It would be great....When I saw Tina backstage and she mentioned maybe doing some sort of a reunion," said Lindsay Lohan as she further revealed the plans of the possible get-together of the "Mean Girls" cast on the talk show.

According to the "Herbie" actress, Tina Fey is even discussing the prospects with former "Mean Girls" producer Lorne Michaels. Despite being the main actress in the film, it is said "The Canyons" actress was the last to know about the upcoming plans for a "Mean Girls" reunion. Some of the original cast members who knew about the prospects include Amy Poehler, Jonathan Bennett, Rajiv Surendra and Daniel Franzese. It is not sure, however, when the reunion will take place. Jimmy Fallon benevolently offered his talk show to host the said reunion of the movie.

The sequel to the original movie, "Mean Girls 2" was released in 2011 a direct-to-video film. The forgettable sequel only featured Tim Meadows from the original cast.

Lindsay Lohan graced Jimmy Fallon's talk show to promote her the premiere of her own reality docu-series. Lohan also clarifies to the public about her relationship with the media giant Oprah Winfrey as the trailer features the latter uttering "You need to cut the bulls**t."

The troubled star is said to have scored $2 million dollars for the said reality docu-series. The docu-series features the obstacles Lohan had to endure during her struggle with illegal substances and alcohol. The actress is now back in shape, as revealed by the work that she is currently busy with. Lohan is going to star in the April 14th episode of "2 Broke Girls" as the indecisive bride-to-be Claire Guinness who avails of a wedding cake from Max Black (Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs).

When will "Mean Girls" be released? Probably later in the year.

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