McKayla Maroney ‘Not Impressed’ Memes: Social networks find frustration funny


McKayla Maroney's passion-fueled scowl over an Olympics event becomes a huge attention grabber for many social network users.

Maroney was close to getting her second gold medal at the London Olympics 2012 when a fall shattered the possibility, causing her to scowl in utter frustration.

A Tumblr user from New York registered a blog just for the purpose of spreading the scowling images. His efforts launched a wild Maroney meme frenzy. The blog is called McKayla Is Not Impressed.

Reacting to the meme, Tumblr user @allye93 had this to say:

"I feel bad for McKayla Maroney. (S)he had a right to be pissed when she screwed up on what should have been her best event, a guaranteed gold as the commentators called it. But apparently having the attitude of a teenage girl who messed up a once in a lifetime chance at an Olympic gold isn't okay, and she can't scowl when it's not her national anthem playing, not her flag rising. Instead, she's been made into a meme and there's already at least 1 tumblr using that meme. I'd love to know if all of her critics are gracious losers all of the time."

Another Tumblr user, @beautiful--illusion, expressed empathy towards Maroney:

"As an athlete and a perfectionist, I can tell you that every single aspiring high-level athlete trains so they can be perfect. You might not be perfect every time, but you expect that out of yourself. So when you don't live up to those expectations, you are going to be upset, and righteously."

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