Mayan Calendar End of the World Plea from French Mayor: ‘Do not come to Bugarach’

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Some believers of the Mayan calendar end of the world will flock to Pic de Bugarach, a supposedly mystical mountain in southern France, come Dec. 21. But the mayor of the small town with a population of 200 has aired an appeal to the public.

"I am making an appeal to the world -- do not come to Bugarach," said mayor Jean-Pierre Delord via an AFP report in World News Australia.

Pic de Bugarach, also called Peak of Bugarag, is considered a mystical mountain for its strange geological composition. Ancient tales have been passed on for generations on why Bugarag's top layer is older than the bottom layers. Some people call it an "upside-down mountain," which houses aliens who will emerge at the end of the world.

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UFO, Aliens, and End of the World in a Small French Town

Pic de Bugarach is about 1,230 metres (4,040 ft) in height. The upside-down mountain is believed to have been made possible by aliens taking refuge inside the mountain. In the event of a doomsday, a UFO or space shuttle will take these aliens away along with some Earthlings. This is why some Mayan calendar end of the world believers are expected to overcrowd Bugarach come Dec. 21.

It has earlier been reported by The Independent that "up to 100,000 people" may gather at Bugarach ahead of the supposed doomsday 2012.

Mayan Calendar End of the World Safe Haven?

For Mayan calendar end of the world believers, Bugarach is the safe haven. But local authorities are apparently unhappy about the doomsday association to Pic de Bugarach.

An AFP report said 150 police officers have been called to make sure visitors are blocked from Bugarach particularly on Dec. 21. It is understood panic and chaos from overcrowding are some of the reasons why the small town is being blocked.

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