Mayan Calendar: Believers to Climb Mystical French Mountain for Doomsday Space Shuttle?

December 21 Noah's ark is an alien mother ship?
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Pic de Bugarach, a strange mountain in Southern France is expected to be flocked by cult members who believe the world will end on December 21 - just 29 days from today. The doomsday believers will reportedly gather atop the mountain to wait for a space shuttle that will save Earth dwellers from the planet's catastrophic end.

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An important cycle in the Mayan calendar is believed to indicate the world's end on December 21. As the date draws near, Mayan calendar followers are expected to throw some last ditch efforts to survive a chaotic doom. However, some sources point out that there will only be some grand spiritual transformation on this day. Still, some myth believers are headed to Pic de Bugarach to save themselves.

Pic de Bugarach, also known as Peak of Bugarag, is known to many as a mystical mountain of strange geological composition. Bugarag's top layer is older than the bottom layers. This feature earned its description as an "upside-down mountain." Standing at 1,230 metres (4,040 ft), the peak is believed to house mystical powers and alien life.

Pic de Bugarach as Alien Shelter

Myth has it that such upside-down composition was made possible by aliens who caved themselves in the mountain to take refuge on Earth until doomsday. These aliens who have been staying inside the mountain are believed to be expecting the arrival of their mother ship some time before the world collapses to its end. It is further believed the aliens will save some Earthlings as they flee.

Pic de Bugarach is the highest peak in the Corbières mountains in Southern France, where farming and wine-growing are the usual sources of income. The western part of the mountain is part of a small village called Bugarach, with an estimated 200 dwellers. It has become a famous spot for myth-believing tourists.

French police to prevent entry to Pic de Bugarach?

Scott Waring, owner of the site reported over a hundred police and firefighters will man the borders of Pic de Bugarach by December. Authorities will reportedly be there to stop anyone from getting to the top of the mountain.

"This is another clear attempt by the world governments to control our fate as well as to try to cover up all attempts that aliens make to meet or help humans," Waring wrote.

It has earlier been reported by The Independent that "up to 100,000 people" may gather at Bugarach ahead of December 21.

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