Mayan Calendar 2012: Neil Mitchell Uncomfortable with PM Julia Gillard’s End of World Video


Neil Mitchell, an Australian radio announcer on Melbourne AM talk-back station 3AW, expressed his opinion about Prime Minister Julia Gillard's video about the 2012 Mayan calendar end of the world prediction. Mitchell stated PM Gillard's involvement in the Triple J spoof video could possibly degrade her office.

The radio announcer also inquired if it is really appropriate for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to do something like that. Mitchell further declared that he felt uncomfortable with the immature video. "I'm sure it's meant for the best intentions but is it demeaning to the office to do something like that?" Mitchell said.

The short video clip shows the Prime Minister addressing her "dear remaining fellow Australians" about the truth to the end of the world prediction after the 2012 Malayan calendar interpretation. "At least this means I won't have to do Q & A again," PM Gillard stated.

"Is it demeaning to the office to be doing something quite as silly as that, particularly when it's presented in quite a serious fashion?" Mitchell further questioned. The criticism does not stop there. Neil Mitchell also asked if there is any possibility that current United States President Barack Obama, former Prime Minister John Howard, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair or even former United States President George Bush participated in a related video.

"I'm seeing the Prime Minister there standing in a Prime Ministerial pose, the Australian flag, Prime Ministerial podium, announcing the end of the world. As she gets towards the end of it it's clearly silly. People wouldn't take it seriously, I would hope. There are people I know disturbed by this," Mitchell said.

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