Maxim’s Top Sexiest Women: Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Rihanna [PHOTOS]

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Maxim gives you the top 100 hottest celebrities but who do you think made it to the top ten list of the sexiest female celebrities? Here is the list and if you have any qualms about it, well you know just what to wish for this holiday season.

Maxim's top 10 sexiest female celebrities:

10. Elisha Cuthbert -Taking in the tenth spot is Elisha Cuthbert who is one voluptuous star. She may not be Angelina Jolie but she surely is a sexy woman on her own and this has got her into Maxim's top 10.

9. Vanessa Hudgens - this brunette takes the ninth place, after "High School Musical" she surely bloomed into a sexy and yet definitive actress of her own.

8. Kate Upton - this lady is not only making it onto this list but to many other lists as well. She has trotting around showing the world what she really has, which many are happy to see.

7. Ashley Tisdale - She is also from "High School Musical" and is 7th on the list aside from Hudgens. She is said to be dating Zac Efron, which is kind of a way of saying "she's hot, he's hot, they should definitely date".

6. Jennifer Love-Hewitt - she just gave birth but this lady is still sexy as ever. It is no wonder that she has made it to the sixth place on this list ahead of all the other celebrities.

5. Jennifer Lawrence - Hollywood's most liked celebrity is definitely worth of being on this list, she is the new sexy and we are all loving how she handles herself with confidence.

4. Mila Kunis- The new Mrs. Kutcher is sexy and smoldering hot in her simple yet classy get up.

3. Rihanna - Barbadian beauty would surely make it to this list, Rihanna is a sexy singer who knows how to work it wherever and however. She should be number 1 but there must be someone who beat her to the second and first place, but we're sure she'd make number 1.

2. Selena Gomez - flaunting little skin and just being an innocent lady is what makes Selena Gomez a sexy celebrity who bags the second spot on this list.

1. Miley Cyrus - she earned the spot for rocking an edgy look, taking care of her "twerked" body and simply doing what she wants, what can be sexier?

You can see the photos of Maxim's sexiest celebrities here: Maxim Hot 100

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