Maximize Gaming Experience with PlayStation 3 Tips & Tricks [Video]

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Sony released the successor of PS2, the PlayStation 3 in November 11, 2006, and it was the first to use Blu-Ray Disc as its primary medium, and the gaming console is sold in many form factors. PlayStation 3 has many tricks that Sony didn't reveal and led to a huge compilation of over 20 tips to maximise gaming experience.

1.       Region Free You can import any games from any country you want. However, Blu-ray movies are region-coded which means the barrier isn't completely down.

2.        Secret Video Reset Video settings can be very annoying with PS3 and a good chance you won't be able to see anything on screen if used to a "new" TV set due to different resolution or cable connection. To fix this, shut down the PS3 then restart the device pressing and holding the power button. It will then display the most basic 480p graphics mode and other options such as RGB SCART and HDMI are now available.

3.       Pad Charge Status To know how much power is left on your pad, press and hold the PS button on any joypad. An indicator will appear showing the current battery level the device has.

4.       Download Saved Progress It is 100 per cent sure that you are not the first player to play that game and others have already beaten the boss. Use Google Search for "PS3 game save" and download from hundreds of selections available. Use a USB stick and copy the downloaded file then put it on your PS3. Go to the "Game Menu > choose the USB stick > game saved file." Press triangle to copy it to your PS3 hard drive.

5.       Free Video Calls A combination of USB headset and an EyeToy camera can do the trick for performing a video chat. Plug both external devices to your PS3 then go to your "Friends Menu." Choose the friend you've signed up and hit triangle. Start a new chat and type in your messages then activate video chat by informing your friend to be in position. The video chat can hold up to six members using an Internet connection.

6.       Multiple Internet Browser Open the Browser and go to the Web page you want. Open the Menu with the triangle button and select "Open in New Window." Enter another URL and repeat the process till you have six windows open. To view them in multi-page mode, press L3 and move the left stick to flick between your Web pages.

7.       Hard Drive Upgrade You can upgrade the hard drive of your PS3 by simply purchasing compatible units and do the installation yourself. Turn off the device, remove the cover flap at the bottom of your PS3 with a fingernail, undo the blue screw and slide the drive over to the right then out of your PS3. Undo the next four screws on the "caddy" and remove the old drive. Put the new drive inside the "caddy" and re-do the four screws. Slot it back in, slide to the left, put the blue screw back, pop in the cover, and restart the PS3. Confirm "YES" to the message to activate the new hard drive.

8.       Force PS3 to Display All Files You can force your PS3 to view files regardless what they are called and where you put them. Insert the stick and go to Menu option, hit triangle to bring another Menu and select Display All. This will show every file on the stick and works even to other attach devices such as iPod.

9.       Master Media Files PS3 can detect different file types and is compatible to almost anything you can store inside. To access them without the device missing it, put all the files in their "right" places. Use any removable media and create MUSIC, PICTURE, and VIDEO folder in the root directory of the storage device and place music, pictures, and videos respectively.

10.   Remote Play The new firmware has the ability to make your PS3 turn on and off remotely using the Internet with a PSP. Go to System Options and select Remote Play, then pair the PSP with the PS3. You can now leave PS3 on standby and leave only using the PSP having an access to music, photos, and videos under a Wi-Fi connection.

11.   Emergency Secret Button Once the PS3 misbehaves such as game crashes or deadlocking over a network issue, press and hold the power button for five seconds to force PS3 on a system shutdown.

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