Maxim Hot 100: Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Make it to the List [PHOTOS]


Miley Cyrus may have overexcitedly shared the news of her being the number 1 on Maxim's Hot 100 list. However, Maxim is taking things particularly slow in revealing the other 99. The latest women to be included in the list include country crooner, Taylor Swift and her fellow cat lover, Katy Perry. Who else made it to the top?

Everyone already knows by now that Miley Cyrus has been named number one on Maxim's Hot 100 given she blew up the news over Twitter before the official announcement. While fans of Miley are celebrating her win, a few others are clearly waiting on the release of the list in hopes of finding out if their favourites made it to the top.

Unlike Miley who took things way too fast, Maxim is taking things slowly and surely. In this week's reveal, Maxim revealed that pop stars, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Katy Perry made it to the cut. Katy Perry ranks number 11 as compared to her number 1 spot back in 2010.

Taylor Swift ranked her lucky number 13 while Beyonce followed suit at number 14. Selena Gomez's former BFF, Demi Lovato made it into the number 26 spot. "Glee" star, Lea Michele ranked at number 39 while co-star, Naya Rivera plopped comfortably at number 45. Wild child, Ke$ha ranked in at number 78.

To date, these are the only celebrities announced to be on the list. Fans of Maxim have to wait a few days more for the big reveal. Check out the slideshow to see these ladies rock their sexy selves.

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