Maxim Hot 100 List: Tony Abbott Daughters Land at No.11

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Tony Abbott's daughters - Louise, Bridget and Frances - made it to the 11th spot for Maxim Hot 100 list. 

"The requirements for making the list vary and cover many aspects including career achievements, their 'cool' factor, how they've faired in the last 12 months and whether or not our parents would like her. Oh, and they have to be Australian, of course," as explained by Maxim Australia Editor Santi Pintado.

Louise, Bridget and Frances' personalities made them even hotter; they should have landed on a higher spot.

Bridget, 20, for instance, is a student of radiology and had just finished a volunteer work at a Cambodian orphanage.

Marie Claire editor Jackie Frank was quoted saying that the Tony Abbott daughters are the best icons to be tapped for a successful marketing opportunity.

"They are young, they are pretty and they have great bodies and they certainly get a whole lot of media attention."

In fact, big names in the fashion industry had been tapping these girls to wear their clothing lines.

Bridget said that she and her sisters were having a hard time turning these designers down, but at the same time, they were also having difficulty to always find the opportunity to wear their lines."When people say, "oh we would love you to wear something of ours," if we don't have an opportunity to wear it you feel bad. You don't want to be ungrateful and unappreciative but it is so hard to keep on top of it," Bridget told Confidential.

The Tony Abbott daughters had been wearing Toni Matacevski, Nicola Finetti, Willow and Manning and Cartel since they where round and about after their father won the election.

But they admitted playing favourites to designer Johnny Schembri. "Last year we wore him to the races... ever since then we have been in touch with him," Bridget added.

Meanwhile, here's the top ten that made it to the Maxim 100 List.

1. Jennifer Hawkins 

2. Samara Weaving 

3. Delta Goodrem 

4. Miranda Kerr 

5. Havana Brown 

6. Jessica Gomes 

7. Lauryn Eagle 

8. Yvonne Strahovski 

9. Ellie Gonsalves 

10. Sally Fitzgibbons

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