Matt Bomer: 'The Normal Heart' Actor Talks about Weight Loss and Reaction of His Kids for HBO Drama Film

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Actor Matt Bomer had to change his physical appearance in the HBO drama film titled "The Normal Heart" where he portrayed co-star Mark Ruffalo's lover who contracted AIDS. The "White Collar" star talked about his weight loss for the film and how his kids reacted to his thin appearance.

Aside from preparing himself in losing 30 pounds for the role of Felix Turner, Matt Bomer revealed that he also had to prepare his three sons with spouse Simon Halls on his dramatic weight loss. The E!Online News report claims the 36-year-old actor wanted to make sure that his kids know their father is still in good health.   

Matt Bomer shared that he even spoke to a professional who taught him how to tell his children about the weight loss in a language that the boys could really understand. The kids had a great response and showed support for their father's work by cheering him on.

In the Vulture interview, the "Magic Mike" actor recounted how his sons reacted to his skinny look. "I remember, at one point I had lost 25 or 30 pounds and I came home, and it's such a testament to childhood imagination, because they were like, 'Oh, I thought you were going to be skinnier than that.' And I was like, 'Hey, I'm working here!'" Matt Bomer revealed.

The actor further talked about his physical transformation in the HIV Plus magazine interview. Matt Bomer revealed that he had to leave his family behind and live on his own in New York City for the really aggressive weight loss.

He added that being separated from his loved ones felt it was for the best until he finished his project so the experience could make him more focused in portraying his character. Matt Bomer explained that the separation helped him in getting into his character Felix's head in a way that he did not have the chance to do with the other characters he portrayed before.

"The Normal Heart" stars Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Julia Roberts and Taylor Kitsch. The Ryan Murphy TV drama film written by Larry Kramer debuted on HBO on May 25, 2014.

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