Matt Bomer Chats with Fans, Q & A Covers 'White Collar' Ideas, Chocolate, Paintings, Favorites

So many ‘Fifty Shades,’ Christian Grey questions, no answer -- so far

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Matt Bomer aka Neal Caffrey of "White Collar" is chatting with fans online at the time of this feature's posting. The live chat is made possible by USA network's "Character Chatter" web page in time for mid-Season 4 return of the WC series Tuesday night.

While many fans asked about his thoughts on getting hired for the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie, Bomer focused on WC-related questions.

Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey in USA Network's 'White Collar' (Photo: USA, White Collar, Season 4 premiere)

Bomer answers questions from guilty pleasures to acting inspiration. He takes audience suggestions for Season 5, too. And he claims he'd pitch one fan-given idea to White Collar creator Jeff Eastin.

On Sarah Briney's "best crime" question, Bomer answers:

(Caps and punctuations edited for feature format.) "Hey Sarah. Thanks for watching! That's a tough question. I've liked a lot of them... I liked the banksy episode earlier this year. I also liked the boiler room themed episode."

On chatter lesliek17's favorite Neal Caffrey alias: "Hey! Hard to say. Probably Steve Tabernackle. lol Thank you!!!"

Below are more answers from Bomer on the live chat.

Best Caffrey qualities: Probably his unwavering confidence. And his ability to pick any lock. lol

Guilty pleasure(s): I love dark chocolate

On paintings: I love the impressionists. Especially Monet. I still can't wrap my head around it. I can look at impressionist paintings all day.

Dream guest stars: I'd love for my friend Cote DePablo from NCIS to come on for an episode. I would love for my mom to be played by Kathleen Turner or another great actress like that. Who do you think would be good for my mom?

Of working in New York: It's the best. It was always a dream of mine to get to work in New York ever since I saw Woody Allen's Manhattan. There's an energy to New York that can't be replicated anywhere else. We are very, very lucky.

Of a WC Noir episode: That is a bada$% idea! I would love to do that. I'm pitching that to Jeff Eastin immediately. Black and white. That would be so much fun!

Bomer also speaks up about his experience at Monday's presidential inauguration. He talks public school, arts program, and the beginning of his acting lessons.

"I was in DC for the inauguration this weekend. It was amazing. Something I'll never forget. I went with the Creative Coalition. Check them out. They're great at making sure public schools keep funding for the arts. I went to public school, and if there weren't an arts program, I wouldn't have known how to become an actor."

The questions and answers continue on the USA Network Character Chatter. It is supposed to last an hour, in time for the run of White Collar Season 4 Episode 11.

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