Masters of Sex Season 2 Sunday Premiere: Masters & Johnson’s Affair Continue, When & Where to Watch [VIDEO]

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Critically acclaimed period series "Masters of Sex" season 2 is scheduled to premiere on Showtime on July 13, Sunday, and will feature Masters and Johnson to finally have an emotional, fulfilling sex. Played by Michael Sheen as Dr. William Masters and Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson, the highly anticipated season 2 will juggle various plots built around sexuality, including a subtle exploration of sex and class with the arrival of Keke Palmer's character who will play as a nanny to Master's son.

Now that Masters know that he can't separate his feelings from his "research," "Masters of Sex" season 2 opens with Masters trying to juggle his feelings towards Johnson and being a good husband to his wife who just gave birth to twins. With no job and no funding for his research, Masters will do anything to continue his study and to keep Virginia as his research assistant as they continue having an affair in the name of science.

Even more masterful than season 1, "Masters of Sex" season 2 will consist of 12 episodes and episode 1 "Parallax" was written by Michelle Ashford and directed by Michael Apted. Based on Thomas Maier's biography of the same title, the upcoming pilot episode is the ramifications of Master's presentation ripple wherein he found himself doing his research without the wires but only trusting his feelings.

"It's blowing my mind," Caplan told TV Line during an interview when asked about season 2's different attack. "I anticipated the shock of getting this job to have settled in at this point, but now doing Season 2, it's even more insane to me that I get to show up to work on this show every single day."

"Masters and Johnson are not in the same hospital anymore, so our sets will feel very different," she added. "We have to do a big time jump about halfway through the season, and hopefully that won't jar people too much, because the story that we're trying to tell is 30 years long, and we don't have the luxury of shooting it over 30 years."

"Masters of Sex" season 2 will premiere at 10 P.M. on Sunday on Showtime.

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