MasterChef U.S. Season 5 Recap: Episode 9 The Fourth Mystery Box Challenge Using Alaskan King Salmon, Elise Gets Eliminated [WATCH VIDEO]

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"MasterChef U.S." Season 5, episode 9 aired on Monday, July 21, 2014. It featured the fourth Mystery Box Challenge wherein the Top 13 contestants had to make delicious dishes using Alaskan king salmon. They also had to compete with each other to avoid getting eliminated. Wondering what else happened in this episode? If you want to find out, read on for the "MasterChef U.S." Season 5 recap of episode 9.

Here's the list of the Top 13 "MasterChef U.S." Season 5 contestants.

1. Joshua "Cutter" Brewer - 33 years old, Petroleum Landman from Beaumont, Texas

2. Elizabeth Cauvel - 31 years old, Advertising Executive from Brooklyn, New York

3. Ahran Cho - 18 years old, High School Student from Palo Alto, California

4. Christian Green - 29 years old, Sales Representative from New Orleans, Louisiana

5. Leslie Gilliams - 56 years old, Stay-at-Home Dad from Malibu, California

6. Courtney Lapresi - 25 years old, Aerial Dancer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

7. "Scottish" Francis Legge - 34 years old, Music Video Director from New York City, New York

8. William "Willie" Mike - 25 years old, Church Music Director from Houston, Texas

9. Daniel McGuffey - 32 years old, Video Game Designer from Los Angeles, California

10. Victoria Scroggins - 35 years old, Bartender from San Angelo, Texas

11. Christine Silverstein - 31 years old, Investment Director from Yonkers, New York

12. Jaimee Vitolo - 23 years old, Bakery Assistant from Queens, New York

13. Elise Mayfield - 28 years old, e-Learning Administrator from Birmingham, Alabama

They had to cook various recipes using the expensive Alaskan king salmon as the main ingredient. This type of salmon is sometimes sold for as high as $450 per fish! They had to filet it first before cooking it. After the grueling and panic-inducing Mystery Box Challenge, the top 3 contestants who made the best tasting dishes were named. Check out the list below to see who made it on top and impressed the judges for this round.

Top 3 (Mystery Box Challenge 4):

1. Christian - Winner of the Challenge, Safe from Elimination (Recipe: Blackened Salmon with Tomato Puree and Vegetables)

2. Courtney - Recipe: Seared Salmon with Broccolinin and Couscous

3. Elizabeth - Recipe: Baked Salmon with Cauliflower Steak and Relish

After the Mystery Box Challenge 4 came the Elimination Test 4. With Christian being exempted for this round, the 12 contestants had to compete with each other to avoid being sent home. "MasterChef U.S." judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich chose the ingredients that the contestants will use from the pantry and they put it in their individual baskets. Christian ultimately decided which basket of ingredients will be used by the other contestants. He chose Joe's basket with Italian goodies.

Contestants were given 60 minutes to cook, but in another twist, Christian was also given the power to decide which one will cook his or her dish for only 30 minutes! He chose Courtney.

Ahran and Elizabeth impressed the judges with their creations and were named the winners of this challenge. They get to be team captains for the next team challenge. As for the bottom two, it was Elise and Cutter. Unfortunately, this particular Elimination Challenge eliminated Elise Mayfield. Now, only the Top 12 "MasterChef" contestants remain.

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That's it for the "MasterChef U.S." Season 5 recap of episode 9 which featured the Top 13 contestants competing with each other in the fourth Mystery Box and Elimination Challenges. It was shown on July 21, 2014 at Fox. Don't miss "MasterChef U.S." Season 5 every Monday at 8/7c. Keep reading International Business Times, or IBTimes for more updates about "MasterChef U.S." as well as other news about entertainment, health, technology, sports, business and finance.

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