MasterChef: The Professionals: Did Kiah Blanco Deserve the Chop?


MasterChef: The Professionals bids goodbye to chef Kiah Blanco this week.

This week seemed to be the hardest as the contestants were divided into two teams to cook three courses for 120 guests. Nothing could have prepared the contestants for the insanity that followed, with Reds and Greens both frantically trying to finish prep in time and then keep up with the demand for their dishes.

Chef Kiah was in charge of his team's dessert and knew that he may face his doom. "There are a million and one things that can go wrong with a soufflé," he noted. "They're very temperamental."

In the end, Kiah's soufflés were undercooked that led the team to lose and his final appearance in the show.

Eliminated from the competition, Kiah can take comfort from Marco's resounding endorsement: "I've worked with a lot of great chefs but very few chefs with as much heart as you have. You leave a winner."

The Queensland sous chef knows exactly where he needs to be to make his dreams a reality.  "If I'm going to succeed and keep at the top of my game I need to keep myself driven. I need to pack my bags and move down to Melbourne and get among the food scene," Blanco said.

Last week, chef to the stars Anthony Bantoft was booted out of the competition. Anthony is a known private chef to the rich and famous, Anthony Bantoft has cooked for the likes of Penelope Cruz, Sean Connery, Tommy Lee Jones and Andre Agassi.

Anthony served his "seafood five ways" dish, which was discriminated by Marco Pierre White as a "shipwreck". The judges seemed to be overwhelmed by the overly complicated dish that included a crab soufflé cooked in an egg cup.

MasterChef: The Professionals faced tough competition this week in terms of ratings against Seven's My Kitchen Rules. MasterChef overall audience plummeted from its usual past one million mark.

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