‘MasterChef NZ’ Sends Home Siblings Matt And Courtney After Lamb Brain Disaster


“MasterChef New Zealand” lost its second pair of the season. Brother and sister Matt and Courtney Crammond learned that brain was their weakness. Lamb brain, that is.

On Sunday, the Crammonds were the weakest pair in the remaining 14 teams. They failed to impress the judges with their pan-seared lamb filet on red capsicum and cous cous, as well as their lamb brain dumplings with chilli and soy sauce.

The teams were given different cuts of lamb and offal. They had one hour to prepare a dish with the lamb cut, and another hour with offal.

Matt and Courtney got a lamb’s brain, and they were excited to do something about it. They were even more delighted when they put on plate their dishes. However, the judges – Simon Gault, Ray McVinnie, and Josh Emett – weren’t so thrilled.

“This is horrible cooking!” Emett bluntly said, adding specifically, “The couscous is dry, there’s no flavour to it, the lamb is undercooked, it’s horribly cut cabbage, horribly cooked mushrooms, there’s no sauce, tapenade out of a jar, and a mint leaf of all things. It’s bad.”

The siblings were on bottom three last week, and after their dishes were judged, they immediately realised that they would be on the bottom again.

And they were right. Along with former partners Elizabeth Marshall and Jenn Clark, the Crammonds were announced to be at the bottom two. They were eliminated not so long after that.

Even though their “MasterChef” journey has ended so soon, Matt and Courtney weren’t so disappointed.

“We just had a lot of fun, we didn’t really take it too seriously,” Courtney told Fairfax NZ News.

“Going into it, we didn’t really expect to win, we went more for just the experience and the fact I got to do it with my brother was just an awesome bonus because we just have heaps of fun whenever we’re together.”

Last week, friends Janaina Mendes and Thiago de Almeida Schaich were the first pair to go home.

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