‘MasterChef New Zealand’ Finalists Jaime Stodler and Bec Stanley Victims of Online Abuse

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“MasterChef New Zealand” finalists Jaime Stodler and Bec Stanley suffered online abuse after mean messages were posted on the Facebook page of TVNZ during the weekend.

Threatening and some even racist messages directed at the friends from Arrowtown were posted on the social media page of the network just a few days after the finale of the show.

Jaime and Bec came in second place on the final episode of series five on May 4, losing out to Maketu sisters Karena and Kasey Bird.

As reported by the Herald on Sunday, abusive messages include telling the Candian-born Jaime to take “a one-way ticket back to Canada.” Some wanted to silence her by shutting her mouth with “meat glue,” probably referring to what Jaime should have used while cooking the roast lamb instead of agar during the finale.

TVNZ spokeswoman Megan Richards told the paper that the network’s Facebook page has indeed been posted with nasty messages, but they have already removed some of the more personal comments.

“The site is moderated and, independently of this issue, there have already been a number of offensive comments removed and a handful of people have been blocked from posting,” she said.

“We would never condone or allow online bullying or abuse.

Both Jaime and Bec refused to comment on the issue as they had signed confidentiality agreements with the show.

After losing a $100,000 worth of prizes to Karena and Kasey, Bec admitted that the sisters deserved their win.

“At the end of the day, we got out-cooked,” she conceded to Otago Daily Times, adding that she had “absolute respect” for the Bird sisters.

And although they missed out on the title of being called Master Chefs, Bec, who has a degree in food science, felt privileged to just “be around foodies for three months.”

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