‘MasterChef New Zealand’ Eliminated Team Sam And Collette Claim Show Set Them Up To Fail

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“MasterChef New Zealand” eliminated couple Sam and Collette claim that the show set them up to fail. Collette Lochore said that they were let go after their cheesecake disaster because they were given wrong sugar for the recipe.

The former beauty queen and her fiancé became the fourth couple that were eliminated from the show on Monday after they failed to impress the judges and the previous night’s Top Six teams with their lemon and passion mascarpone cheesecake.

Although the pair were confident that they could pull off cooking the dessert for 185 guests at Russell’s iconic Duke of Marlborough Hotel, they quickly struggled with problem after problem when they were preparing the cheesecake.

Collette particularly had trouble with making her lemon curd work.

Judge Ray McVinnie didn’t have any good thing to say about their dessert, telling them, “The flavours were all out of balance. Your dessert was so acidic that it was unpleasant to eat the whole plate.”

It wasn’t just Ray who found their cheesecake lacking. None of the judges and the Top Six teams thought that the couple’s dessert was good. And with less than satisfactory dish, Sam and Collette were eliminated.

Collette has an explanation why their lemon curd failed to impress with its unusual brown-green colour.

“We had no difficulties whatsoever, they just provided me with the wrong sugar,” she was quoted by the Fairfax NZ News as saying.

“That was pretty frustrating but you know it’s a reality show at the end of the day so they got to do what they got to do.”

She explained that the recipe for the cheesecake didn’t specify what type of sugar was required, and she was only given brown sugar.

“I’m not sure if it was a mistake on their part and they just put that mistake onto us and thought all of that would make good TV. I was like ‘I guess it’s the sugar you gave me’ and they’re like ‘no, it’s the white sugar.’

“So then I was like ‘well where is the white sugar?’ and they had to go into a room which we weren’t allowed to go into to get it. They had white sugar, but just not accessible to us.”

But despite what she thinks was an unfair challenge, she was grateful for the experience of being in the show.

“It’s OK, Sam and I are not too fussed over the whole thing, we were just there for the experience and it was a really good experience at that.”

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