MasterChef Canada to Debut on CTV After Superbowl on Jan 20

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (L) looks on as he awaits the start of the Austin F1 Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin November 17, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Stone

"MasterChef," the widely appreciated cooking competition on television is all set to arrive in Canada. "MasterChef Canada" is going to be launched on CTV. The very first episode of the show will be shown on Jan 20, 2014.

The much acclaimed television show originally started in the UK 23 years back, in 1990. The BBC updated the format of the show in 2005. Now, versions of the show using the "MasterChef" logo is produced in over 35 countries. Popular international versions of the show include "MasterChef Australia," "MasterChef Belgium," "MasterChef India" and "MasterChef Malaysia." A celebrity version and a junior (children) version of the show also attract equal attention.

Among all the international versions, "MasterChef Australia" is extremely popular all over the world. The show is broadcast in other countries with subtitles or dubbed in the local language. In fact, it is the most watched TV series in the country. The season 2 finale was the third most watched TV show in the history of Australia. In 2010, the Australian version of "MasterChef" won the "Most Popular Reality Program" award.

Canada appears to be joining the next group of countries which will have their own versions of the "MasterChef" experience along with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia. According the CTV Network, the very first elimination episode of "MasterChef Canada" will take place right after the Superbowl. The competition will be judged by Claudio Aprile, Alvin Leung and Michael Bonacini. The premiere episode will feature 50 home cooks who will present their signature dish to the judges' panel. Selected participants will remain in the show, while the rest will be instantly eliminated. CTV is expected to announce the names of the chosen 50 in the coming weeks.

Proper Television will produce the show for CTV, while Cathie James and Guy O'Sullivan are the executive producers. Judy Smart and Paul Franklin from Shine America will serve as creative consultants.

Watch this YouTube video by GATE Magazine where the judges of "MasterChef Canada" are interviewed:

(Credit: YouTube/GATE Magazine)

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