MasterChef Australia 6 Recap: Episode 51 Heston Week Continues with the Challenge to Run The Hotel Albion in Port Melbourne

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"MasterChef Australia" Season 6, Episode 51 aired on Tuesday, July 15, 2014. Heston Week continued for five contestants with the challenge to run The Hotel Albion in Port Melbourne, Victoria. With The Fat Duck owner Chef Heston Blumenthal leading them, they must serve about 120 customers and spruce up The Hotel Albion's menu while they're at it. Of course, they will be cooking for the patrons of The Hotel Albion, too. Wondering what else happened in this episode? If you want to find out, read on for the "MasterChef Australia" 6 recap of Episode 51.

In "MasterChef Australia" Season 6, Episode 51, Brent Owens, Emelia Jackson, Laura Cassai, Amy Shields and Jamie Fleming were tasked to pimp out the menu of The Hotel Albion, which is located in Port Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. They had to work in a small kitchen with Chef Heston Blumenthal. Meanwhile, Ben Macdonald and Tracy Collins, the two other contestants that make up the "MasterChef Australia" Season 6 Top 7, will just be observing the other five contestants.

Brent, Laura, Emelia, Jamie and Amy decided to include the following dishes in The Hotel Albion's menu:

1.       Smoked Cheddar Chicken Parma with Tomato and Beer Chutney and Fennel Salad by Brent Owens

2.       Roast Spatchcok with Warm Lentil and Potato Salad an Madeira Jus by Emelia Jackson

3.       Fish Pie by Jamie Fleming

4.       Pappardelle with Cream Mushroom Ragu by Laura Cassai

5.       Pork Belly with Scallops, White Bean Puree, Asparagus and Herb Sauce by Amy Shields

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"MasterChef Australia" 6 judge Gary Mehigan assisted Chef Blumenthal as he guided the five "MasterChef Australia" Season 6 contestants in making these delicious dishes for The Hotel Albion.

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That's it for the "MasterChef Australia" 6 recap of Episode 51 which featured the challenge to run The Hotel Albion in Port Melbourne with Chef Heston Blumenthal. It was shown on July 15, 2014 at Network Ten. Watch the full episode HERE. Don't miss "MasterChef Australia" 6 from Sunday to Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Keep reading the International Business Times (IBT) for more updates about your favourite Australian cooking competition and other news about entertainment, sports, technology, health, finance and business.


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