‘MasterChef Australia’ 6 (2014) Recap: Nick Doyle Leaves MasterChef Kitchen, No Immunity Pin Given In Immunity Challenge

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Nick Doyle, 22-year-old law student, was elimnated in 'MasterChef Australia' 6 after coming short in the pressure test. No immunity pins were given out in this year's immunity challenge.

Episode 9 (May 18) of "MasterChef Australia" was Maggie Beer's mystery box challenge and a Spanish invention test. All 21 aspiring chefs were set and opened the mystery box which contained un-tenderized octopus, verjuice, pear, chocolate, bay leaf, caper berries, parsley and umeboshi (Japanese plums). Under the Bench along with the basic ingredients was a bottle of Vino Cotto. The challenge was set for an hour and the Scott won the challenge with his chocolate ganache tart.

Scott got to choose the main ingredient for the invention test and he chose chorizo over rabbit, citrus fruits as the core ingredient of the dish.

The one hour "invention test" was rough as only five dishes impressed the judges. Top three of this challenge were Tracy with her chorizo stuffed squid with saffron broth and aioli, Laura with her chorizo and squid paella, Amy with her patatas bravas with chorizo and green mojo sauce. The top three aspiring chefs were set to the first immunity challenge this season.

Bottom for this challenge three were Nick, Sarah and Sean. All of them failed to cook their calamari well which sent them to the fourth elimination test this season.

What was shocking for "MasterChef Australia" Season 6 fans was that Jamie did not went to the bottom three after his "poisonous" dish. The bartender created chorizo succotash covered with tomato flowers which the judges said were poisonous. Jamie cooked a paella-like dish as well so the judges chose to taste that dish instead.

Episode 10 (May 19) of the "MasterChef Australia" was an elimination test. The bottom three from May 18's episode went head-to-head in a pressure test. The challenge was Allan Wolf-Tasker's Pressure Test. Both Sean and Allan were having problem with the challenge and Nick was eliminated after.

Nick is the fourth aspiring chef to be eliminated in the "MasterChef Australia" Season 6. Other eliminated contestants were Nicole Cleave, 55-year-old in-flight manager; Deepali Behar, 30-year-old dentist; and Brendan Langfield, 26 year-old retail manager.

Episode 11 (May 20) was an immunity challenge. Tracy, Laura and Amy were set on a two-round challenge. Round 1 is an Amuse-Bouche knock-out challenge where the contestants had to make four serves of a dish from a mini mystery box in 30 minutes. The mystery box contained quail, quail eggs, whitebait, melba toast, honey, finger lime, mini leek and mini beetroot. Tracy won.

Round 2 of the challenge was against a chef. Tracy went against Oliver Gould, 2014 Young Chef of the Year. Tracy was given 75-minutes and Oliver, 60 minutes to create a dish with fruits and nuts as the core ingredients.

The professional chef Oliver won 24-20. No immunity pin was given out for the first immunity challenge of "MasterChef Australia" 6.

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