'MasterChef Australia' 6 (2014) Episode 28 Recap: Three of ‘MasterChef’ Cooks Battle for Elimination; Sarah Goes Home

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In a team challenge with a magnanimous task to cook a 3-course meal for a wedding anniversary held at Melbourne's famous Ascot House, the Blue Team led by Baron Finnerty became the losing team, sending them straight off to the elimination.

In the Episode 27 of the "MasterChef Australia" Season 6, the contestants composed of Byron, Brent, Tracy, Colin, Emilia, Sarah, and Jamie faced a two-round elimination challenge that tested their knowledge of cuisines.

Colin was the first one to get a wrong answer, writing "Thai Fried Rice" instead of "Pad Thai" for the savoury Thai stir-fried rice noodles. In an unexpected twist of fate, he was joined with the season's two other power-cooks, Sarah and Tracy who got their answers wrong for the French dish "Coq au Vin." Other contestants were left in shock with Sarah's answer, knowing that she cooks French cuisine best.

Tracy, Colin and Sarah will have to compete for the round two of elimination. The dishes that they will be able to cook are only among those with ingredients they were able to correctly identify. The contestants were given 60 minutes of cooking time to save their selves from bidding farewell to the "MasterChef" kitchen.

All of the aspiring "MasterChef" took chicken as main part of their dish. Tracy was worried competing against Colin and Sarah, but is determined that she is not the one to go home. The usual fear of undercooked and overcooked dishes made the contestants looking panicky, trying to hasten up their efforts to serve their dishes on time.

Tracy served her "Chicken Ballotine with Buttered Onion Purée" first. Before tasting, the judges asked her about how she felt going head on against the two others. She said that it was intimidating, and she thinks that the two are possible candidates to reach the finale.

The judges had a major concern regarding the presentation, but George quipped a quote saying "food is for eating, not looking." Apparently, they loved Tracy's dish saying it's perfect with the chicken cooked well.

Next up was Colin with his "Chicken and Mushroom Pithivier with Red Wine Reduction Sauce." The judges are pleased with some of the elements of the dish, but not thoroughly impressed. Gary took his reaction to Twitter and said he quite over reacted with Colin's pithivier. With his "priceless" reaction, some fans initially thought that Colin's dish was burnt.

Lastly, Sarah presented the judges her "Chicken Roulade with Popcorn Chicken and Chicken Jus." Gary said, he loved Sarah's cooking, but "there is something very wrong with her dish." The chicken was raw and judges did not taste it.

Sarah was eliminated. As she walked out of the "MasterChef" kitchen, the remaining contestants sent her off with a loud applause. The model from Queensland plans to move her family to Melbourne and start a modern Indian restaurant.

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