'MasterChef Australia' 6 (2014) Episode 27 Recap: Contestants Cook for a Wedding in a Riotous Team Challenge

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After the "hot" immunity challenge between Amy against pro-Chef Jock Zonfrillo of the Orana Restaurant, the "MasterChef Australia" contestants are up again for another pandemonium in the kitchen. In the Episode 27 of the "MasterChef Australia" Season 6, the contestants will be cooking for a diamond jubilee wedding anniversary at Melbourne's famous Ascot House-a team challenge wherein the losing one will be sent straight off to the elimination.

To start the enormous task at hand, the contestants are split into two teams. As usual in the "MasterChef" fashion, the teams were the Blue and Red Team respectively.

In the Red Team's line up were Georgia, Tash, Laura, Renae, Kira, Amy, and Ben who was chosen the team captain. The Blue Team picked Byron as captain and he had Brent, Tracy, Colin, Emilia, Sarah, and Jamie in the team.

The judges introduced Eddie and Margaret, the couple who are to renew their vows and to whose celebration the "MasterChef" contestants will be cooking. Some of the contestants was emotional and admired the couple for keeping their marriage that long. The judges showed both teams pictures of the couple's wedding 60 years ago and it is where the contestants found their inspiration in cooking. They also asked the couple their favourite food and flavours so to incorporate them into their dish.

The team were given four hours to perform the task from preparation to serving. The reception incorporates a 3-course sit down meal with 80 people to serve including the judges.

Both teams were rushing to prepare their meals. Unfortunately for the Blue Team, Brent, while prepping beef felt dizzy, deciding to go home and risking himself to elimination. Byron's team was left in an unexpected disaster with lesser hands to work on a tremendous challenge.

The Red Team's 3-course meal consists of "Pan Seared John Dory with Radish and Fennel Salad" for the entrée, "Chicken Roulade and Pumpkin Puree with Roasted Potatoes and Beetroots" for the main-course, and a "Vanilla Buttercake and Lemon and Almond Cake" for the celebratory dessert.

Meanwhile, the Blue Team had "Pumpkin Ravioli with Leek and Potato Soup" for their entrée, "Braised Beef Cheek and Eye Fillet with Parsnip Crisps" as main course, and a "Traditional Sponge Cake" for the dessert.

The judges was delighted with all the contestants had cooked for a limited amount of time. However, there is only one team to win, and the other has to face an elimination.

The Red Team reigned victorious with two winning dishes in a row; the main-course and the cake. Byron, as the Blue Team's captain, took the blame into himself for winning only the entrée dish and sending his team into elimination.

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