'MasterChef Australia' 6 (2014) Episode 26 Recap: Renae Went Fan Girl, Flustered by Jock Zonfrillo; No Contestant Still Holds an Immunity Pin

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Three of 'MasterChef Australia' contestants will vie for an immunity pin, but the challenge is not pretty easy. Colin, Georgia, and Amy will have to win against one another to compete with one of Australia's reputable Chefs, for a chance to skip a possible elimination.

Colin, Georgia, and Amy were the three best performers in the invention test with chocolate as the core ingredient (Episode 24). While the challenge allowed them to work as a team, this time, they are fighting for themselves for the coveted immunity.

Starting off to the challenge, the judges teased the contestants with the golden immunity pin. In their front are three briefcases containing cooking equipment they will use to highlight their dishes. Georgia got her the blow torch, Amy took the smoking gun because of a gut-feel that Colin wants the equipment, and Colin was left with no choice but to pick the cream whip dispenser. The winemaker is not that pleased with the foam gun, saying that he hadn't used one for long while.

The judges gave the contestants an unlimited choice in the pantry, but they are only allowed to go once. Cooking time was 45 minutes and Amy went frantic after finding out there was no quail available to cook. She decided for the scallops.

Colin prepared "Prawn and Scallop "Clams" with Prawn and Wine Foam," Georgia brought in "Candied Carrot and Carrot Purée with Crunchy Meringues and Tapioca," and Amy pleased the judges with her "Scallops and Smoked White Bean Purée with Green Peppercorn & Pistachio Crumb."

Amy unsurprisingly won the chance to compete for the immunity pin, but the real battle is just to begin. Jock Zonfrillo, a reputable celebrity chef and owner of Restaurant Orana and Street ADL, walks in, sending other contestants into gasps of excitement, notably Renae whose face turned completely red.

Renae admitted to have a "little fangirl moment" seeing one of her food heroes. However, no one could blame her, Jock is not only a good looking Chef, he got a great cooking background, and keeping his cool under the pressure of the "MasterChef" kitchen had been impressive.

The challenge comes with the "Prince and Pauper" theme. Amy let Jock choose the ingredients to get a 15 minutes head start against the professional Chef.

Jock chose the "Pauper" side because he is more comfortable cooking indigenous ingredients. In her 60-minutes cooking time, Amy prepared "Pan-Fried Leather Jacket with Apple and Ribbery Sauce," Jock, on the other hand, prepared "'Roast Beef' and Pumpkin with Native Succulents."

The judges loved Amy's dish, all of them gave them an 8 which is 24 out of 30 combined. Before hearing his score, Jock said he was nervous because Amy really did a good job.

Gary scored Jock's dish 8, a 9 from Matt, and a 10 from George who was impressed with his "clever cooking." He won and walked out of the "MasterChef" kitchen with his reputation intact.

Despite losing to Jock, Amy could not be more proud of herself. "I had the best time. I feel incredibly proud of myself. I got three eights. This is definitely the highlight of my "MasterChef" journey so far," she shares.

Currently, there is still no "MasterChef" contestant to wear an immunity pin.

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