‘Master of Sex’ Lizzy Caplan on Playing Virginia Johnson & Her Family’s Awkward Reactions


Known as one of TV's authentic show that ever depict sex, "Master of Sex" features sex researchers Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson in the time sex is a taboo. Now on its second season, Lizzy Caplan who plays Masters research partner Virginia Johnson speaks up about her most intriguing role yet and how her family reacts on her sex scenes.

Playing opposite "Twilight" star Michael Sheen as William Masters, Lizzy revealed her personal connection with the character and after playing Virgina Johnson for whole season she is now her personal hero. "She was 88. She's such a personal hero of mine now, obviously. I would've loved to have met her," says Caplan in an interview with Huffington Post.

"She's a very flawed character. She makes decisions over the course of the first season, and hopefully the seasons to come, that are going to piss a lot of people off, and piss a lot of women off," Caplan revealed when asked what she like most about her character. "And people are going to have very, very mixed feelings about her. I love that that exists. I'm looking forward to really upsetting people, or getting people to talk about why this is upsetting, why they're more capable of accepting certain behaviors from a man and not a woman."

Caplan was leaning towards comedic roles before she cast to star on Showtime's "Master of Sex." She was even sceptical about landing the part when she auditioned for Virginia Johnson's role. But after a three-hour audition the actress got the most-coveted role and will soon premiere its second season.

When asked about her family's reaction of her countless sex scenes Caplan says that it's her cross to bear. She admitted that it's insanely embarrassing when she learns that someone from her family has watched the show.

She even revealed that her Israeli uncle watches the show with a pillow over his face every time the scenes in question will come on screen. But her uncle respective her as an artist and respects the career that she's taking. "I respect you as an artist," says her uncle whenever he sees her.

"Masters of Sex" season 2 is scheduled to kick off in July.

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