Master Chef Marco Pierre White Slammed Behavior of Triple M Adelaide Radio Hosts


Radio hosts Dale "Louie" Lewis together with co-hosts Jon "Blakey" Blake, Ali Carle and Warren Tredrea added another embarrassment to the Austereo management team. One of the Triple M Adelaide breakfast show hosts reportedly offended their guest Marco Pierre White during an interview when he described the Master Chef a "rude prick."

The interview started off well until Marco Pierre White's three failed marriages were brought up. Dale Lewis opened up the marriage discussion when he asked White: "Hey mate, married three times, were the wives dismissed, for want of a better word, 'cause they can't cook, or didn't like your cooking? Is that an issue with them?"

The British celebrity chef answered that he considers himself a lucky person because three women wanted to marry him. It was then Dale Lewis said the offensive remark. "Yeah, 'cause if you're the rude prick you come across on TV, I wouldn't be there long either. That's just me surmising what I've seen on TV," Lewis stated.

Clearly taken aback with the snide "rude prick" comment, Marco Pierre White immediately stopped the interview and attempted to teach the host some manners. "There's no need for rudeness. I think you should say good morning to me and good bye, because one, I take offense to being called that. I haven't shown you disrespect, I haven't been rude to you. I don't like being called that word. I'm very sorry," White told Lewis.

Dale Lewis apologized and said that he was trying to have some fun. The Master Chef accepted the apology but continued to criticize the host for his behavior. "Rudeness is not having fun when it is at the expense of another person. You're a very rude man. And I hope your mother's not listening to this show today because she would not be proud of her son," White said before excusing himself and leaving the show.

According to Marco Pierre White, this is the first time he encountered disrespect in Australia after visiting the country three times in eight months. It upsets him that the Austereo radio show lacked compassion and regard for people.

"What's very sad is this is a radio show where children could be listening and to use that sort of language in front of children is wholly inappropriate. If it was for comedy purposes, it was scurrilous behavior," White said.

Austereo has already been involved in numerous offensive scandals including the Kate Middleton Royal prank call. The radio network must now take the necessary actions to pull through from the string of scandals including this latest humiliating controversy.

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