Mass UFO Sighting in Mexico, Strange Military Craft Company in Australia [VIDEOS]

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UFO sighting reports surface daily from around the world. You see photos, videos, and news, but no image has been so sharply defined that no one can argue about it.

Take the two videos uploaded Tuesday - these are images from a mass UFO sighting in Mexico and a separate UFO sighting in Australia.

Mass UFO Sighting in Mexico (Chinese Lanterns or Something Else?)

This video, uploaded by YouTube user AlienPeace1 shows a group of bright lights in the night sky of Mexico. The video is titled, "Mass UFO Sighting in Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico December 1, 2012."

"A massive fleet of orbs appeared in Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico on Friday November 30, 2012 and then again on Saturday December 1, 2012," reads the video description.

The "misterioisas luces" or mysterious lights are first filmed in what seem to be a random order. But a wide shot of the lights reveals a v-shape, as if the lights are traveling in a formation.

Reacting to comments that he uploaded a video of Chinese lanterns, AlienPeace1 wrote in the comments (edited for clarity): "For anyone who thinks these are Chinese lanterns, go to 01:54, when they zoom in on one [orb]. It's a perfect sphere. And there's no variation in the color. [The color] is totally consistent. There is no flickering. These are not Chinese lanterns."

UFO Flies with Military Craft in Australia?

Meanwhile in Australia, a strange aircraft believed to be an unidentified flying object was filmed flying with a military plane. Lazlo Novak uploaded the video called, "Hercules plane transport(ing) the UFO or the UFO checking the plane?"

"My friend Paul captured this military plane with the iPhone 4 over the Riverstone suburb in NSW, Australia. He took four photos, and one photo shows the large sphere-shaped object appearing above the [military] plane," reads the video description (edited for clarity).

One of those who commented in the video said the plane is not a Hercules, but a C-17 aircraft. But there is no mention on whether the orb above the aircraft should merit one's curious attention. See for yourself:

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