‘Mass Effect 4’ Updates: BioWare’s Plans and Teased Footage at E3 2014

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E3 2014
People walk near giant headphones at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California June 11, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn Reuters

"Mass Effect 4" fans weren't left out during the E3 2014 as a new teaser trailer came out from BioWare regarding the next title in the franchise.

Posted in the official Mass Effect YouTube account, the new video gives a sneak peek not only of the possible "Mass Effect 4" game, but another title that is also under development for BioWare.

Next "Mass Effect" game teaser at E3 2014 (via YouTube/Mass Effect)

One big hint from the developers about the "Mass Effect 4" (or whatever the next Mass Effect game will be called): "In the next 'Mass Effect,' you will travel to a new region of space, explore new worlds, and discover new characters."

In order to make sure that they create a game that was to be the expected follow-up by fans, BioWare revealed that they have made good and extensive use of fan feedback so it can become the expansive game that goes beyond its predecessor--which hints at the maximisation of the power of the next-gen PS4 and Xbox One hardware.

In fact, one of the abilities that BioWare has hinted for gamers to do on "Mass Effect 4" is to "pick a planet, cross the other side of the galaxy, and see what you will discover."

The characters are said to be "never before seen, real" ones that do take advantage of the next-gen consoles--and it's hard to ignore the kind of detail seen in the conceptual prototype footage.

Given the strength of the franchise, it's only a matter of when rather than if "Mass Effect 4" will continue the series.

'Mass Effect 4' and its Relation with the Predecessor Trilogy

As far as the previous "Mass Effect" games are concerned, "Mass Effect 4" may not necessarily be taking off from the events in the trilogy, but will be hinting at the past as references.

"I can't get into that too much. We've got a really cool idea for how we're going to carry on--keep the trilogy separate but at the same time give a bunch of nods to fans who enjoyed the trilogy in the past," said Aaryn Flynn of BioWare in the interview as quoted by Eurogamer.

This may also be due to the fact that "Mass Effect 4" is going beyond the story of Shepard while making use of the Frostbite engine.

"With 'Mass Effect,' it's an all-new journey now beyond Commander Shepard, beyond his story. We're going somewhere else now with 'Mass Effect,'" said Flynn in the exclusive video interview in GameTrailers.

But as far as returning characters go, there will be those that have appeared in previous "Mass Effect games," as the source reports that the developers see Mass Effect games being complete with these significant characters and races

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