Marvel's 'Ant-Man' Casting News: Actor Matt Gerald Cast as Villain in Upcoming Film


The list of cast members for Marvel's upcoming superhero movie project titled "Ant-Man" continues to grow and get longer with the addition of actor Matt Gerald. The casting reports reveal that the "Avatar" actor got cast to portray a villainous character in the upcoming movie.

The Deadline report on Friday, April 4, reads: "Matt Gerald has joined the cast of Marvel's Ant-Man for director Edgar Wright. Paul Rudd stars at the titular superhero, alongside Patrick Wilson, Michael Douglas and Michael Pena. Gerald will play one of the bad guys."

The report further noted that the new "Ant-Man" cast member, repped by APA and Benderspink, recently wrapped up filming "Solace" where he portrays the character Sloman opposite co-stars Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell. Mr Gerald's other film and TV credits include "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," "S.W.A.T.," "The Frozen Ground," "Red Dawn, "Escape Plan," "C.S.I. Miami," "Hawaiian Five-O" and "Intelligence."

According to the Total Film report, another recent appearance of Matt Gerald that made the actor a familiar face to the viewers is in the Marvel one-shot "Hail To The King" where he portrayed the prison bruiser character called White Power Dave. "No word on whether he will be reprising the same role, but it has been noted online that occasional Ant-Man antagonist, Whirlwind, is also named Dave Cannon," the Global Dispatch report noted.

However, the circulating casting reports pointed out that Matt Gerald's villain character in the "Ant-Man" film will only be secondary to actor Patrick Wilson's possible primary antagonist role. "Ant-Man" is expected to be the first film of Marvel Films' third phase kicking off in 2015.

Edgar Wright will be sitting on the director's chair. Matt Gerald now joins the "Ant-Man" cast members that include Paul Rudd, who will portray the main character Scott Lang or Ant-Man, Michael Douglas as Dr Hank Pym as well as Patrick Wilson and Evangeline Lilly but their characters in the upcoming movie are still unidentified.

Marvel's "Ant-Man" is scheduled to arrive in movie theaters on July 31, 2015. The earlier "Ant-Man" release scheduled has been set in the UK and it will reportedly take place on July 17, 2015.

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