Mars One Mission: Volunteers’ Real Stories and Their Decision to Leave Earth for Good

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Would you die on Earth to live in Mars? More than 200,000 people applied for one-way expedition to live permanently in the red planet and leave the Earth for good. In a new interview filmed about five of prospective Martians, they share their reasons on their desire to start a new life, being a part of history, and the burden of leaving their loved ones for the sake of their dreams.

Cody Reeder, Casey Hunter, Will Robbins, Katelyn Kane, and Ken Sullivan are five applicants for "Mars One Way." They all came from different background, but shares one same desire, and that is to see what life in a different world could be.

Applicant Ken Sullivan feels the burden of whether to stay with his wife and child or to go to Mars. He shares that if his child would tell him not to go, that would might change his decision. Sullivan's wife, Becky, on the other hand cannot believe the idea that the trip is only one way, and her husband may not ever come back.

"I think it could be something I could do. I think I could leave." Cody Reeder, another applicant shares in the video. However, if his girlfriend would prevent him from going, he may let him think of his options.

While the mission of going to Mars may be subject of "holding on" and "letting go" for some of the volunteers, there are some who thinks that they have no important reasons to stay on Earth. William Robins is one of them, and he says that he is not leaving much behind, according to HNGN report.

Mars One is a non-profit organization with a goal to establish a human colony on the red planet. After several expeditions and explorations on Mars, human settlement is now possible using existing technologies. The search for volunteer astronauts began April 2013, the training is set in 2015, and the first group is announced to leave in 2024.

The mission is co-founded by Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders, space entrepreneurs from Netherlands where the Mars One is based. The team is composed of leaders from different parts of the world, working together for a feat to make Mars a habitable planet.

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*Video from YouTube/MarsOneProject

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