'Marry Me Miley!' Look Who Proposed to Miley Cyrus with Her Favorite Weed! Will She Accept?

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Miley Cyrus has got a marriage proposal. Miley's best friend and assistant reportedly proposed to the "Wrecking Ball" singer to marry him. We are talking about Cheyne Thomas who used the words "Marry Me Miley" to share his innermost desires with the singer. Don't believe us? Take a look at the picture here of Cheyne, which Miley herself shared on her Instagram page.

Cheyne is seen wearing a T-shirt which reads "Marry Me Miley" in blue colour and has an animated picture of Miley's nails and even the grey green cannabis leaves. According to TMZ, Cheyne Thomas works with Miley closely and is an important part of her entourage and is even her assistant. So is Miley mixing work with pleasure?

Miley has been linked with this guy since 2012 when various websites published pictures of the two getting really cosy at various occasions. Daily Mail published the pictures of the two getting cosy together at a swimming pool in Miami way back in 2012. Thomas was also photographed groping the breasts of Miley in December 2013. Miley looked quite oblivious to the fact that Thomas was getting so close to her and it looked like she enjoyed his touch too. Check out the picture here.

Miley even roped in Thomas to be her "Bad Santa Claus" during her Jingle Ball tour in December 2013. She twerked and had really raunchy performance with Cheyne during the show. So it doesn't come as a surprise if you see Thomas proposing to Miley Cyrus now. But before you start running your imaginative horses to newer direction, there is a catch. Miley is currently promoting the merchandise for her upcoming "Bangerz" World Tour. If we look at the caption of Cheyne Thomas proposing to Miley, it says, "#bangerzmerch @cheythom."

Cheyne is actually promoting one of the T-shirts which will be available as the merchandise for Miley's world tour, which kicks off on February 14, Valentine's Day. So all the guy fans of Miley, she is very much single and available for dating. Sigh!

Other products of her "Bangerz" merchandise includes white underwear, the picture of which can be seen here. Would you buy this T-Shirt or the underwear?

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