Marquez: Pacquiao Will Be Victorious Over Bradley, Ruslan Provodnikov’s Manager Thinks Marquez Afraid Of the Russian Fighter

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Juan Manuel Marquez thinks his archenemy Manny Pacquiao will be victorious over Timothy Bradley in the April 12 rematch of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Welterweight title fight. Marquez, who knocked out Pacquiao in December 2012, believes the rematch will be an exciting fight.

"First, I want to say that it is an important, interesting fight because of what happened in the first," the Mexican fighter told the Boxing Scene. "In that fight, the decision was different from what happened in the ring," Marquez said.

Marquez has faced both Pacquiao and Bradley in his boxing career. He fought Pacquiao in repeated battles over the last decade. In October 2013, Marquez squared off with Bradley and lost via split decision.

He noted Bradley has to change his line of attack if he wants to win. If Bradley does succeed, he will be able to earn the respect he wants. "I think Bradley should change his strategy because it did not work from the first fight," said Marquez. "Pacquiao could fight the same, but it is Bradley who needs to make adjustments," Marquez claimed.

The rematch between Pacquiao and Bradley is surely an important fight for both fighters. For Pacquiao, his victory over Brandon Rios back in November in Macau needs further support by snagging more victories in the boxing arena to be justified. Bradley, on the other hand, is well-aware that a cloud still hangs above his victory over Pacquiao in 2012 and he needs to prove that he really deserved the belt.

"If judges do what needs to be done, Pacquiao should win," said Marquez. "If Bradley makes the adjustments, it's going to be a very good fight," Marquez concluded.

The Mexican fighter has also expressed his desire to fight Bradley in a rematch. But now that Pacquiao has picked Bradley, do you think he is still willing to another go with the American boxer? Would Bradley even entertain the idea of him fighting Marquez for the second time? Who knows, maybe Marquez will extend his series with Pacquiao.

Russian Fighter Ruslan Provodnikov reportedly wants to fight Marquez, but the Mexican boxer said fighting Provodnikov isn't part of his plans.

Provodnikov has expressed his desire to fight Marquez, but the Mexican fighter is reportedly eyeing on a rematch with Bradley. He wants to fight two more times before he officially retires from boxing.

"Now that Bradley and Pacquiao is made, Marquez does not have any other options as far as a pay-per-view fight," Provodnikov's Manager Vadim Kornilov said.

He added Marquez may just be avoid Provodnikov. He thinks that Marquez is a little afraid to fight a younger fighter.

"Marquez can't continue to say that he's trying to wait for Bradley, because he would have to wait for a long time, and considering his age, that's not helping him," Kornilov said.

Who do you think Marquez will fight next? He already said he doesn't want to fight Pacquiao again. They had so many rematches, but who knows, depending on the outcome of the Bradley rematch, maybe he can change his mind and contemplate a bout fight between him and the Filipino boxer. It doesn't seem likely but it may perhaps come about.

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