Marlon Wayans Describes Delta Goodrem’s Dancing, Says White Women Should Stick to Dancing to Techno Music

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Marlon Wayans said white women should stick to dancing to techno music. The American comedian refused to apologise for calling Australian pop superstar Delta Goodrem the “most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN” at the Jay Z and Beyonce concert in Los Angeles.

It all started on Sunday when Marlon attended the “On the Run” tour in Pasadena, Los Angeles with his family. Beside her was a white woman who, according to him, has unquestionable dancing skills.

He promptly shot a photo with the unknowing woman, posting it on his Instagram and saying, “Man I got the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me at the jay and bey concert... This b---- dancing to AC/DC.”

It turned out that unrhythmic white woman wasn’t just any random stranger. She’s Australia’s national treasure, Delta Goodrem.

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Some of Marlon’s Instagram and Twitter followers lashed out at him for being “rude” and “racist,” perhaps because he generalised white women’s dancing skills, or lack thereof.

He already slammed his critics, saying that he would never apologise for his joke.

Delta, on the other hand, responded to the hullaballoo about his dance moves by posting a YouTube video of Elaine’s (Julia Louise-Dreyfus) awful dancing on “Seinfeld.”

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