Is the Market Ready for MacBook Pro LTE? 2013 Haswell MacBook Pro, iPad Mini and iPad 5 to Arrive Oct 22, Mac Pro on Nov 17?

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New MacBook Pro 2013 models will soon hit stores following Apple's event on Oct 22. Models forecasted include 13- and 15-inch variants. As Apple remains the leader in ultrabooks in terms of specs today, the tech giant still needs to work on the connectivity of its devices. 

LTE networks are now prevalent on the market including shared data plans. As more people realize the conveniences of an LTE network, demand for MacBook Pro LTE version rises. Analysts point out that Apple can gain much from releasing a new MacBook Pro Retina with LTE. 

The value of MacBook Pros will become higher if Apple were to include Intel Haswell processors. A laptop that offers extended battery life and fast connectivity can appeal greatly to the market. If this pushes through, Apple can combine portability and connectivity unlike any other. 

Another selling point is that despite portable hotspots, LTE on MacBook Pro will make it easier to share with iPhones and iPads. iPhones can drain up faster than MacBooks which can be difficult for emergency or urgent connectivity demands. MacBook Pros will still be ready and functioning for hours despite the LTE. 

Many carriers also do not provide talk and surf services with the connection. This means incoming calls cut off internet access. It will be best to have the LTE on the MacBook Pro for reliability. 

Apple previously won an LTE patent for MacBook Pro in 2012. The patent, reported by Patently Apple, emphasizes the cavity found in the device. The cavity is big enough to fit a 4G LTE antenna. There was also a report saying a Macbook Pro 3G prototype with external antenna appeared on eBay. 

Mac Pro D-Day 

The new line of MacBook Pro will hit stores around Oct 25, according to Apple Insider. The release of the product will also follow the reported announcement for the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 on Oct 22. also reported that Mac Pros announced last time during the WWDC will hit stores on Nov 15. 

The upcoming Mac Pro will feature a lighter and smaller bid compared to its predecessor. Nonetheless, it will come with more power, boasting 12-core 256-bit Intel Xeon processor plus 1,866 MHz of DDR3 RAM.

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