Mark Ruffalo Says His Friendship with Jennifer Garner Stopped When She Dated Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck got in the way of Jennifer Garner’s friendship with Mark Ruffalo, according to the “Avengers” star.

Mark played Jennifer’s love interest in the 2004 hit chick flick “13 Going on 30,” and the two have stayed friends even after production.

However, 2004 is also the same year when Jennifer met Ben, and that’s apparently when Jennifer’s friendship with Mark stopped.

“We had a great time together, and I think we would, but then Ben came on the scene and that was the end of that,” Ruffalo told “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen.

The host then quipped, “I heard he doesn’t allow her to have male friends,” adding for clarity, “I made that up!”

The 46-year-old actor just shrugged, saying it was “sad” that he lost contact with the former “Alias” star.

Married to actress Sunrise Coigney since 2000, Mark could only be referring to a non-romantic relationship with Jennifer. It’s unclear, though, if he meant Jennifer just forgot about their friendship or if Ben didn’t want her to keep it.

Jen and Ben started dating while filming “Daredevil.” They married on June 29, 2005, and has since been raising three children together.

They have reportedly had a low-key wedding anniversary celebration over the weekend in Michigan. They dined in at the Bistro 82, trying their best not to stand out from the crowd.

“Jen was wearing a black dress and Ben was in jeans with dishevelled hair... They were walking slowly by and they seemed relaxed and in good spirits,” a source told

“I had to do a double take because they were blended with the rest of the guests and they appeared like any normal couple.”

Meanwhile, Mark is co-starring with Keira Knightley and Adam Levine in the musical romantic comedy “Begin Again.”

The film will also star Hailee Steinfeld, CeeLo Green, Mos Def, Catherine Keener and James Corden.

“Begin Again”

“13 Going On 30”

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