Mark of the Beast: All Newborn Babies in Europe to be Microchipped by May 2014?

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Is one of the omens of Doomsday shaping before our eyes now?

In mid-2013, reports came out that Motorola is working on a Moto X phone and wearable authentication called digital tattoo that could be an electronic chips embedded into the human body or a daily authentication vitamin.

Embedded chips are linked with end-time Biblical prophesies that the number 666 is the number of the beast and people without that code embedded in their bodies would suffer the most because they could not transact business without the chip.

After three months, Apple was reported to be planning to include a fingerprint scanner in the then upcoming iPhone 5S, again another likely step toward biometrics and the fusion of the gadget and the owner.

Another technology that could be tapped is an implantable sensor being developed at the Ohio State University which could detect protein's presence that is the marker of first sign of organ rejection.

The latest news that should alarm anti-mark of the beast groups is that the technology would be implemented soon on a massive scale.

TIP News reported that beginning May 2014, all children born throughout Europe will be required to have an RFID chip embedded under their skin. The procedure allegedly will be done in public clinics in the European Union which will log all names in a report sheet.

The report added that the subcutaneous GPS sensor will be powered by a micro disposable battery to be replaced every two years in state clinics. The sensors will allegedly be connected straight to a satellite that will guide the networks.

To escape having their kids tagged, Greg Ross, a hotel cleaner, suggested to stop having babies delivered in hospitals where the procedure could be done so easily.

PJ Alexander of Oxford, Georgia, linked the event with the arrival of the anti-Christ to which Steve Sotok questioned the authenticity of the report since the article did not cite a source. But PJ countered that the Book of Revelations of the Bible is his source.

The authenticity of the contents of the Bible then became the topic of debate in the comments section of the Web site as matters of faith are sure to attract pros and cons.

Jarmo Sits from Tallinn, Estonia, views the embedding of chips from a population explosion perspective. He wrote: "It's actually brilliant plan ... to make stupid people stop breeding ... too any people in the world ... we don't need anymore idiots on this planet, we have plenty, cant even feed ourselves ... so chip away ... doesn't bother me much, not going to make children in this f***ed up world anyways ... I have common sense and empathy."

However, like other dubious sources of news, Waffles at Noon pointed out that the article is apparently another hoax.

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