Marissa Wynne Tweets On Topless Cameo in US Hit Sitcom 'Modern Family'

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Two teenage boys Luke and Manny are seen in Bondi beach. Luke, played by Nolan Gould, went in ahead for a swim. Suddenly a huge wave crashed into him and he loses his bathing suit. Luke panicked as he searches for his suit. Then a topless woman, played by Marissa Wynne, approached and asked Luke what was wrong. Upon seeing her boobs, Luke became speechless and asked Manny, played by Rico Rodriguez, to tell her the problem. To which Marissa Wynne gladly volunteered to help look for the bathing suit.

This episode of the US hit sitcome "Modern Family" featured new Australian star Marissa Wynne. She guest starred and went topless for "Modern Family". The 25-year old model said she also frequents Bondi beach however admitted to be too self-conscious to sunbathe topless. However, she made an exception for "Modern Family", when she appeared topless on the show.

"Modern Family" is popular in Australia. When fans learned of the filming on Bondi beach, they rushed to Bondi to witness Marissa Wynne show her boobs on camera. Although Wynne appeared half-naked on the show, she admitted to using nude nipple pasties for a bit of modesty.

"I actually had a stick-on bra so I was a lot more covered initially but it wouldn't stay on in the water, so they asked me if I was okay with wearing little pasties," Wynne shared.

In this interview on Wake Up, Marissa Wynne said she found it amusing that her character forgot to put on her top however still remembers to wear goggles.

Marissa Wynne admitted it was awkward filming the scene, especially with 15-year old Nolan Gould. The fact that she's a grown woman being topless in-front of a teenage boy was awkward. However, she had only to set her mind on finishing her part of the scene.

Millions of US viewers will never forget Marissa Wynne as the topless Bondi beach babe. However producers of "Modern Family" had given her a name for her character- --"Erica", which the star prefers to be remembered.

They gave me a name, 'Erica' to give me a little more dignity - @MarissaWynne being topless in her @ModernFam scene #ModernDownUnder

Marissa Wynne, a graduate of Queensland University of Technology, didn't expect to be an overnight sensation with her appearance on "Modern Family". She shared her excitement over the show airing on tv in her twitter account.

Likewise a fan of "Modern Family" tweeted that Marissa Wynne stole the episode of the sitcom.

It's no surprise to me, @MarissaWynne stole this episode of @ModernFam #BeenaFanForever

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