Mario Kart 8 Character Tips and Tricks to Maximise Top Speed

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As of now, the up-to-date version of the best cart racer on the market released many new mechanics like anti-gravity racing and new levels, but it is still the same Mario Kart on the Wii U we play and love. While many of the same skills you may have purchased from Mario Kart 64, Super Circuit or any of the other legacy titles carry over, there are new things to discover for those who haven't played the series in a while. Here are the six most important tips and tricks to know when you are winning over your friends in "Mario Kart 8".

"Mario Kart 8" Wii U Tips and Tricks in Choosing the Right Character and Kart Combo

The first and original version of Mario Kart games had a somewhat basic system in deciding on how good a character is to race with. Characters which are lighter like Toad and Peach have a high acceleration for getting to speed quickly, which is good if you get stuck on some mud. While heavier characters like Donkey Kong and Bowser have low accelerations with very high top speeds. It took them time before going, but after giving them some time they were basically tanks going 100 mph.

The latest gameplay allows players to choose various vehicles, tires and glider. Each of these things changes your acceleration, top speed, weight, handling and traction. If you want to choose a vehicle that gives you your preferred set up, just press the plus button on your controller, "Mario Kart 8" characters various stats appear on the vehicle select screen. Many prefer choosing the best top speed and acceleration for the vehicles then adjust the racing to the kart's handling on the fly.

"Mario Kart 8" Wii U Speed Boost

By beginning to press the acceleration (A) button exactly halfway between the 2nd and 3rd ready-set-go lights you'll be able to start off your "Mario Kart 8" character with the proper boosts you need to win. This is particularly beneficial for those characters with low accelerations -- racers like Bowser and Wario will be able to skip being slow and get straight to attaining their top speed. Pro Mario Kart players will be able to change this boost into drafting behind other racers for an added speed boost.

"Mario Kart 8" Wii U Drifting

This is the most important thing you need to learn in "Mario Kart 8" mechanic. Maintain speed by sliding into the turn using the R button. Press and hold the R button while turning and you'll be able to make harp turns and even gain a speed boost out of it. It needs a lot of patience and practice to master this technique, but it is worth all the time when you learned this.

How to Maximise That Speed

As you're jumping off a ramp, for example, make sure to press that R button or if you are using Wiimote just flick it to gain a small boost. Coins are now back in the latest Mario Kart games, which increases your speed just a bit. Collect the maximum 10 for the fullest effect.

Before drifting, you will receive a short boost for a small period of time. By following a racer in Mario Kart Wii U, you'll be able to lessen your wind resistance. And then there's also the anti-gravity bump. "Mario Kart 8" features the ability to drive on walls and upside-down made possible by the carts that transform into hovercars. Instead of the usual effect of bumping someone to the side, a bump in anti-gravity mode will give both players a slight speed boost. The angle you hit your opponent tells who benefits more.

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