Marijuana School in U.S. – Probable Celebrity Teachers

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Pre-rolled marijuana joints are pictured at the Sea of Green Farms in Seattle, Washington
Pre-rolled marijuana joints are pictured at the Sea of Green Farms in Seattle, Washington June 30, 2014. The state is poised on Monday to become the second after Colorado to allow retail sales of recreational marijuana to adults, under a heavily regulated and taxed system that voters approved in November 2012. Stores could begin operations as early as Tuesday, with up to 20 expected to open statewide. Picture taken June 30, 2014. REUTERS/Jason Redmond

United States is going to have its first school of pots. The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis from Natick, Massachusetts has announced that classes are likely to start as early as in August 2014.

The school of marijuana will teach people about the medical use of the substance. The institute is apparently accepting applications from those who are willingly to offer classes. Mickey Martin, who is a long-time activist for the legalisation of marijuana, is the mastermind behind the unique school where students will learn through a 12-course programme about the use of marijuana in medical science. The programme will also teach about the legality of cannabis in the country and the history behind the use of pot.

Massachusetts was the 18th U.S. state to legalise medical marijuana in 2012 after voters had passed a ballot. However, non-medical use of marijuana is still considered illegal in the state. Interestingly, the federal government continues to include marijuana among Schedule 1 controlled substances with no medical value.

Martin owned a medical marijuana business which was closed down by the Drug Enforcement Administration. He has started a consulting business related to marijuana. He also wrote "Medical Marijuana 101." He continues to focus on the business part of marijuana.  "This is one of the largest growth industries in America, and it's not just stoners and people who like weed anymore -- it's a business," Martin told CNN.

Here is a humorous look at the probable teaching staff at the marijuana school:


Barack Obama: The U.S. president earlier admitted to smoking marijuana frequently in his youth. He can easily be considered as the probable principal of the marijuana school.

Student Counsellor

Oprah: The famous talk-show host and social activist admitted to smoking marijuana to TV host Andy Cohen. Her reputation as one of the top U.S. celebrities whom people actually listen to makes her eligible for the post.

Assistant Principal

Bill Clinton: The former president of the country also admitted to smoking marijuana. He can surely assist the principal with some wise opinions on the issue.

Head of the Department

Bill Maher: Nobody else really qualifies for the post as Maher has admitted to smoking pot for nearly "50,000 times" in his life so far. His intense knowledge on the subject makes him the head of the department.

Head Teacher

Bill Gates: Gates is another experienced faculty in the department as marijuana has been his "pharmaceutical of choice."

Music Teacher

Lady Gaga: If the school decides to have a music department, Gaga will be an obvious recruitment as she admitted to using pot to write songs.

Director of School Board

Morgan Freeman: He may have appeared as God in a few movies but he practises like a devotee when it comes to marijuana. "Never give up the ganja," he said.

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