Marijuana Miracle: Epileptic Child Who Suffered 100 Seizures Daily 'Gets Cured’ After Using the Herb

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A participant practices rolling a joint at the Cannabis Carnivalus 4/20 event in Seattle
A participant practices rolling a joint at the Cannabis Carnivalus 4/20 event in Seattle, Washington April 20, 2014. Reuters/Jason Redmond

Marijuana admirers have long been sharing their opinions regarding the herb's medical uses. Sarah Wilkinson, a Canadian mother, has good claims about marijuana's effect on her disabled daughter.

Mia, Wilkinson's 8-year-old daughter, used to have around 100 seizures daily. But she claimed her daughter has had only seven seizures in the past 8 months, thanks to medical marijuana. Apparently, this has changed the life of little Mia and her family. The Wilkinsons do not hesitate to call marijuana a "miracle."

Toronto Sun reported Mia had her first seizure when she was 29 minutes old. The mother called it "absolutely terrifying" to find out her daughter was epileptic right after her birth. She said she was "thrust into the world of seizure disorders" right away. The mother said she thought that the problem would be solved in due course. But the doctor told the parents that the case was "terminal."

Little Mia has been suffering from Ohtahara syndrome since birth. The epilepsy syndrome is extremely rare. The typical reason of the disorder is brain abnormality. It is generally fatal during the first couple of years after birth. Children like Mia, who survive longer, are left with severe disabilities. Mia's parents, like the others, searched for some remedy which would reduce the number of seizures, some of which would last for even 22 hours.

After the neurologist said there was nothing that could be done, things became really difficult for Mia's parents. With hardly any pharmaceutical options left in hand, marijuana was the only chance they could have taken.

Marijuana showed positive results among epileptic patients, but Mia was too young to try. Her parents took a chance anyway. The mother did not have much conviction about using marijuana as a form of medication. She thought it was a means of getting high. The parents of the baby girl who adore Lady Gaga signed a "no resuscitation" order and get marijuana for their daughter.

Mia showed radical improvements only after a single day of using marijuana. Her seizures stopped within the first 24 hours. When her brain went through an electroencephalography test, it could be observed that her brain, for some reasons, was calmed by the herb. Doctors were still clueless how marijuana did the unexpected.

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