Marijuana Addict Woman Cuts Man's Genital, Punishes Him Over ‘Suspicion’ of Sex Abuse

By @snksounak on

Bonita Lynn Vela did the unthinkable. She sliced the genitals of her daughter's boyfriend.

Ms Vela, 35, informed police that she suspected that her daughter's boyfriend had molested her 2-year old baby son. The Indianapolis woman was heavily drugged, according to police reports, when she decided to slice the genitals of the 18-year old young man with a box cutter. Ms Vela acknowledged that her suspicion grew after she had smoked marijuana for some time. Ms Vela also informed police that she was not sure if she had other drugs before doing the grisly act.

The young man, on the other hand, strongly denied any such allegation against him. He argued that Ms Vela became "out of control" when she held him in a trailer. Two more people are accused of holding him in the trailer for three hours and a half during the incident. The police report further claims that the woman threatened the man that she had asked her friends to come with guns and 'take him out'. Ms Vela apparently informed that he was going to be tied and shot dead. She clarified that his body was going to be fed to animals, according to the man's statement to police.

Thereafter, Ms Vela allegedly asked the man to drop his pants and informed him that she might let him leave alive if he allowed her to slice his genitals. She notified him that she wished to leave him with a scar so that he was reminded of it whenever he would have sex in future, the man alleged. Ms Vela tried injuring the man's genitals with a fork to draw blood; however, her stabbing turned out to be unsuccessful. She allegedly used a box cutter to cut the man deep. The man was allowed to leave thereafter. The man showed his injuries to police.

The man is apprehensive that Ms Vela, along with her accomplices, may try to harm him further. She may even get him killed, he fears. He also informed police that he had a suspicion that the entire incident had been recorded in a mobile phone as well.

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