Maria Sharapova Receives Marriage Proposal; BF Grigor Dimitrov May Have To Wait Longer

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Maria Sharapova Of Russia Blows A Kiss After Defeating Samantha Murray Of Britain In Their Women's Singles Ttennis Match At The Wimbledon Tennis Championships, In London
Maria Sharapova of Russia blows a kiss after defeating Samantha Murray of Britain in their women's singles tennis match at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, in London June 24, 2014. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Tennis sweetheart Maria Sharapova received a marriage proposal, but it's not from her current beau Grigor Dimitrov, but a group of football fans supporting the Russian football team during their final group match with Algeria last Thursday.

Sharapova, who's currently gunning for his second title at All-England Tennis Club and sixth Grand Slam championship, saw a very peculiar signage at the heat of the Russia vs. Algeria match-up.

Four Russian men were spotted on TV holding a signage that reads 'Sharapova Will You Marry Me?" Despite not being an avid follower of the World Cup, Sharapova admitted she caught that one and even let the world know of the cool stuff by posting it on her Twitter page.

"A marriage proposal. She took to Twitter to reveal about it and posted a picture with the caption: "I missed the goal but I didn't miss this...I have to marry all 4? #WorldCup2014," via Tennis Earth.

The 27-year old Sharapova said she's not very much inclined to watch football matches, simply because she always missed the part when players score goals.

"I enjoy watching with a group of people that get excited about it. I've personally never been a huge fan of football in my career. I always feel like I'm always missing the goals. It's like I watched for 35 minutes and I didn't see a goal, and all of a sudden I grab a sip of tea and there is the goal and I miss the goal." 

With regards to marriage, Sharapova previously stressed that she's not getting into a marriage life anytime soon, though she enjoys Dimitrov's company as her boyfriend and fellow athlete.

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for him as a person, as an athlete and it's nice to share each other's company, have our other interests and enjoy our time together,'' Sharapova told Sunday Mail via Standard News.

"Those feelings speak for themselves in life. If you are happy and that person brings you happiness, you have to cherish it as much as you can. As women, when we are professional athletes, we are constantly in the spotlight ... because of the sport you do and being in the public eye, you are almost seen as being on a pedestal."

"But we as women are all walking on the ground and all have similar problems we deal with, our ups and downs, and get through them one way or another.''

By the sound of it, it looks like Dimitrov a.k.a Baby Federer has to wait a little bit longer for him to have a chance to marry one of the hottest women in sports. Keep holding on, Grigor! 

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