Maria Sharapova Plays the Role of a Supportive Girlfriend to BF Grigor Dimitrov

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There is nothing more inspiring than having your special someone inspire your heart, motivate your mind, and believe that you can achieve success in your craft. Maria Sharapova reportedly plays the role of a supportive girlfriend towards fellow tennis athlete and beau Grigor Dimitrov. Are Sharapova's influence and support really the main reasons behind Dimitrov's recent success on the tennis court?

According to, Sharapova has always given Dimitrov wise words and good advice. Sharapova's pep talks before his matches have helped him a lot on the tennis court, the Web site further reported. All the enthusiastic talks that she had given him had probably boosted his morale and increased his confidence to succeed. Dimitrov now sits at number 16 in the world rankings. He ranked at the number 22 spot prior his latest ranking.

Having had four Grand Slam titles under her belt and ranking fifth overall, it is no doubt that Sharapova has an edge for Dimitrov, the Web site claimed. However, Dimitrov looked at his girlfriend's, who is four years older than him, accomplishments as inspiration which have led him to play the most exceptional tennis matches in his professional tennis career in the recent past.

Aside from his new Australian coach Roger Rasheed, Sharapova played a big role in encouraging Dimitrov to play at his top level. He even proved wrong those people who said that his relationship would be a hindrance in his tennis career.

"I think I proved wrong all those people who said my relationship with her will damage my play," said Dimitrov. "I think I proved that it is exactly the opposite," he added.

Sharapova and Dimitrov reportedly even practice together. She was even spotted attending some of his matches, not merely by sitting in his box but by cheering him on too.

Dimitrov has come a long way. He is now considered as one of the rising stars in tennis. Even retired tennis legend Pete Sampras has revealed his fascination towards the Bulgarian athlete, saying he will be surprised if Dimitrov will not be in the top five of world rankings by the end of 2014. Dimitrov started his 2014 season fairly strong, reaching the quarterfinals of the 2014 Australian Open and winning his first Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) title at the Abierto Mexicano Telcel tournament. With his girlfriend by his side, along with his coach and team, it will be in no time before Dimitrov finally makes his own name in the world of tennis and not only because he is known as Baby Fed or Sharapova's boyfriend.

Sharapova and Dimitrov started dating in the second half of 2012. They went public with their romance after the 2013 Madrid Open.

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