Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov Relationship isn't the Real Thing

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Russian professional tennis player Ekaterina Bychkova doesn't think that the romantic relationship between Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov is the real thing, as reported by Bychkova made the remark during an interview with the Russian press.

 "Love is love, but the one between Sharapova and Dimitrov seems like public relations stuff," said Bychkova. "It is difficult to have a relationship when you are constantly traveling around the world," added Bychkova.

Truly, a long distance relationship can be tough but if both individuals involved in the relationship have love and respect for each other, in addition to making God as the centre of the relationship, then it should not be a dilemma. Why get caught up with simply physical aspects, like being closer together?

While it is true that some long-distance relationships do not work, there are millions of people with long distance relationships that actually work too. Just because something doesn't work for one couple doesn't mean that it will not work for another couple.

All throughout the second half of 2012, Sharapova and Dimitrov were rumoured to have been dating. However, the two love birds only made their relationship public after the 2013 Madrid Open. Their relationship might still be on the early stage, but who are we to really question how long they will last. If they are dating for public relations stuff, then who are they kidding?

Bychkova has really stated some strong assertions regarding Sharapova and her relationship with the 21-year-old Bulgarian tennis player. Bychkova also said during the interview that it will be difficult to predict how the 2014 tennis season will be for Sharapova. "Since her injury, a long stretch of the 2012 season missed, it is difficult to say how it will be," said Bychkova.

Bychkova currently ranks World No. 153.

Neither Sharapova nor Dimitrov has commented on the Bychkova's controversial remark. What do you think of Dimipova? It looks pretty real, don't you think?

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