Margot Robbie’s Long Legs Reportedly Digitally Extended In ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ [VIDEO]

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Margot Robbie’s impossibly long legs in “The Wolf of Wall Street” are reportedly exactly that: impossible. The Australian actress was apparently treated to digital manipulation on screen so her sexy gams would look even longer.

According to a report, Robbie might be the latest victim of Hollywood filmmakers in their quest to create perfection on screen.

While the 23-year-old former “Neighbours” star’s legs were already long and shapely to begin with, Hollywood demanded that they were elongated more. Apart from positions and camera angles, the only way that filmmakers could give her legs an impossibly long look is through digital manipulation, and that’s what apparently they did.

The scene in question, as seen in the YouTube video embedded above, is where Robbie’s character pushed her husband’s (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) head away with a high heel while they were in a nursery room.

The report claimed that the image was lengthened digitally for the scene by a Photoshop-style editing program. The result, as viewers have seen, is body perfection.

The Sunday Times of London said that movie editors perform “digital surgeries” on stars in the Martin Scorsese film might have stretched footage to achieve a slimmed down look.

“[It’s] like a funhouse mirror, so everyone looks tall and thin,” the source told the paper.

It wasn’t her legs that were the original target of the special effects editors, though. It was her face. Apparently, they wanted to enhance Robbie’s eyes, but they scrapped the idea after seeing her beautiful blue eyes in real life.

“I do know they wanted to accentuate her blue eyes until they realised she really has amazing eyes,” a source who worked at the film’s graphics claimed.

The technique isn’t at all unusual in the industry. Britney Spears was also elongated three inches in a recent TV documentary. Often, the actors don’t have a clue that they have been digitally enhanced until they see it for themselves in theatres.

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