Marc Guggenheim's 'Arrow' Season 2 Finale Teaser, 'Overwatch' Novel, and X-MEN #18

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Marc Guggenheim Writes X-MEN #18
The CW's "Arrow" showrunner Marc Guggenheim takes Marvel’s mutants into space for an explosive new mission for a brand-new 4-issue story arc kicking off in X-MEN #18. Courtesy of Marvel

The "Arrow" Season 2 finale airs May 14 on The CW. Spoilers reveal several DC Comics heroes and villains will play critical roles in the finale. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim co-wrote the script, which featured his big teaser on Twitter. Viewers have yet to see the episode, but Guggenheim recently made headlines over his "X-Men" gig and "Overwatch" novel.

From DC Comics to Marvel, the hero fiction keeps rolling in Guggenheim's creative mind. Marvel recently told the press Guggenheim "takes Marvel's mutants into space for an explosive new mission for a brand-new 4-issue story arc kicking off in X-MEN #18!"

"The idea really came from the fact I'd been jonesing for an X-Men in space story as a reader. I'd been re-reading the Brood Saga and it reminded me how much I love that concept of the X-Men in outer space. It's a milieu that suits them really well," Guggenheim told Paul Montgomery at

Guggenheim features Rachel Grey, Storm, Jubilee, Psylocke and Monet in the 4-issue X-MEN arc.

Despite working on Arrow Seasons 1 and 2 (and weaving an X-MEN arc), Marc Guggenheim has managed to complete his first novel, titled "Overwatch." The book's blurb on Amazon reads, "A young CIA lawyer uncovers a dangerous worldwide conspiracy, masterminded by forces within the US intelligence community."

Fans who have been following "Arrow" on The CW, and those who will enjoy the upcoming Arrow Season 2 finale are likely to check out Guggenheim's other creative production.

Still on the Arrow Season 2 finale, Guggenheim teases three sweet words: "I love you." Who says the line to whom? Fans' guesses include Oliver Queen/The Arrow, Sara Lance/Black Canary and Felicity Smoak.

The CW has already given the green light for Arrow Season 3. Fans can expect another roller coaster ride with the DC Comics-inspired series.

Marc Guggenheim on Twitter: Arrow Season 2 Finale Teaser

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